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Rose Lake is 560 acres of undulating terrain with glacial sculptured ridges, wide open meadows and vistas for miles around. The property includes forests, with a variety of Aspen, Birch, Spruce, Red Pine, Oak and Tamarack, and an abundance of wildlife including deer and grouse. It's really a nature preserve as well as a hunter's paradise.

The centerpiece of the property is the totally self-contained, private spring fed lake with a reputation for excellent fishing and a source of wild rice in the fall.

Rose Lake is the "Headwaters" for the chain of lakes that dot the landscape and flow south into the town of Park Rapids. In addition, the property abuts and shares access to two adjacent smaller lakes that frame and add charm to the property. One is nicknamed "The Moose Pond."

The Rose Lake property is laced with a network of trails appropriate for hiking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or snowmobiling. A trail completely encircles the lake, passing Red Pine Plantations, Birch Forests and a Cranberry bog. The closest neighbors are one mile away. 

The residence is positioned high on a point that slopes gently down to the lake. The comfortable home enjoys sweeping views all around, and becomes an observation point for an ever-changing display of deer, otter, beaver, muskrat, duck, bald eagle, blue heron, bear, coyote. From the deck, you can watch Trumpeter swans, with their young cygnets, glide gracefully across the water.

  • A cozy, comfortable home with large windows and a sliding door unto a large multi-level redwood deck with ample space for tables, chairs and buffet service
  • Three bedrooms with beautiful views of the lake and woods, and two baths with showers
  • Large kitchen and two dining areas
  • A large Franklin Stove for crackling fires and heat is supplemented with electric baseboard heating.
  • A two-story, knotty pine paneled garage, is large enough for cars, tractors, a work bench and storage but also serves as an auxiliary recreational area for games and outdoor parties.